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FAQ Tim Burton, The Labyrinth

FAQ about the experience Tim Burton, The Labyrinth 

FAQ about the experience Tim Burton, The Labyrinth 

More informations and ticketing

More informations and ticketing

FAQ Ticketing

• Who is eligible for the reduced rate?

Reduced rates are available for children under 14, students, seniors aged 62 and over as well as Villette subscribers (on weekdays). You will be asked for proof of entitlement at the entrance of the event.

• Who is eligible for free access?

Free admission : Children under 4 years old (upon presentation of proof).

We invite you to go directly to the entrance without going through the ticket office and join the queue corresponding to your desired slot (every 30 minutes). Entry depends on the number of visitors.

Are children eligible for free access?

Children under 4 are eligible for free access (upon presentation of proof). No advance reservations are required, except for those of paying visitors. We invite you to go directly to the entrance without going through the ticket office and then to join the queue corresponding to your reservation slot (every 30 minutes).
Young people between the ages of 4 and 14 years are entitled to a reduced rate.

Are seniors eligible for a specific rate?

Yes, people aged 62 and over are entitled to a specific rate.

How to book tickets if you are a school, extracurricular/social welfare / medico-social structure group?

Through the Francebillet ticketing system.

When purchasing a ticket, I see I have to choose a specific 30-minute time slot. Does that mean I have to arrive at the event at that time and that the visit will take 30 minutes?

You purchase a ticket for a specific time. You must arrive at the timeslot indicated on your ticket, and you will enter in under 15 minutes. Please note that during peak times, the waiting time may be longer. However, once you have entered, the length of the visit is around 1 hour.

Is it possible to buy a ticket on arrival or only in advance ?

We recommend that you book your ticket in advance. Tickets will be sold on-site, subject to availability.

Can I change the date of my visit after the purchase?

No, according to our general sales conditions, tickets are neither returned, exchanged nor refunded.

I am unable to go to the event, can I give my ticket to a friend ?

Yes, the names on the tickets are not taken into account at the time of control. Only the time slot and the barcode on the ticket are required to access the Tim Burton Labyrinth.

Do I need to print my ticket ?

You can either print your ticket in advance or present it directly on your smartphone.

Are holiday vouchers/culture vouchers accepted ?

No, holiday vouchers and culture vouchers are not accepted as payment.

Who do I contact if I have a ticket problem ?

You should contact the retailer of the network where you bought your ticket:

How long does the visit last ?

The event is self-guided, but the average time of a visit is an hour.

Is the event suitable for children ?

Yes! The event is suitable for children, although some rooms could offend the sensibilities of the young public. There are no age recommendations.

Are some of the event rooms scary ?

There are some rooms that may offend the sensibilities of the young public. However, there are no age recommendations.

Are the event and the shop accessible to visitors with disabilities ?

Some rooms are not easily accessible for people with reduced mobility. There are no wheelchairs available on site, please bring your own.

Is the event suitable for people with epilepsy ?

Due to the presence of light flashes in some rooms, the experience is not recommended for people with epilepsy.

Are pets allowed in the event ?

Only service dogs are allowed.

Is there a cloakroom/locker room on site ? 

No, there are no cloakrooms or lockers on site. Current French anti-terrorist regulations (“Vigipirate”) prohibit large bags, rucksacks, helmets, etc. being taken into the event.

Are strollers allowed in the event ?

Yes! Strollers are allowed, but only individual ones. Double strollers are not allowed.

Are there any parking facilities nearby ?

You can park in the "Cité des Sciences" a car park north of La Villette.

I have lost a personal item, what should I do ?

If you have lost a personal item, you can send a complaint to the assistance system that appears on the official website of the event: A check is made every evening and your item can be recovered at La Villette the day after your visit. We remind you that you are responsible for your personal belongings throughout your visit.

Does the experience cover the entire Tim Burton universe (films, etc.) ?

The experience is inspired by the artist's universe and highlights his most emblematic films but also his other means of expression such as drawings.

Does the experience include original objects or replicas ?

All the artworks you can find in the experience are originals. Besides that, the figures, the sceneries and the costumes are replicas based on the films and arts of Tim Burton.

Does the event include any new items ?

Yes, all the original artworks were never shown. They were previously part of the director's private collection and were never exhibited to the public.

Can I touch the objects on display ?

No, touching the displayed objects is forbidden.

How many paths are possible ?

More than 300 visit itineraries are possible.

Do I have access to all the rooms of the event ?

Each tour is unique and gives access to different rooms. Nevertheless, whatever your itinerary, we guarantee you access to 15 rooms, including the most emblematic of Tim Burton's universe.


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