Festival Kalypso

Dance, contemporary Dance, contemporary, Hip hop

Festival Kalypso

Stopover at La Villette • 7th Edition


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Grande Halle

starting from 8€

duration 1h

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  • November 2019
  • December 2019
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The Kalypso Festival, instigated by Mourad Merzouki and the Créteil and Val-de-Marne National Choreography Centre, will be paying La Villette a visit for the seventh year. A benchmark occasion for hip hop music, and an opportunity to discover the people who are constantly renewing and enriching it.

26 & 27.11

Lea Latour • Et maintenant  Piece for 4 female dancers (25 min)

Four women, four goddesses, four instinctive bodies trying to feel self-respect, to exist, to rejoice, defying perfection and stereotypes. An initiatory and lyrical journey that calls for wildness as a path to freedom.

Carmel Loanga • The Dress  Piece for 5 female dancers (30 min)

The Dress, a truly feminine garment. Here, it reveals the soul of femininity, a femininity specific to each of the five performers, an uncut, no-frills femininity, at times androgynous, strong and tender in a manly way.

30.11 & 1.12

Karim Khouader • Blow  Piece for 5 dancers (25 min)

A well-known face from international battles, clips, TV platforms and advertising, Karim Khouader has created his first piece as choreographer. Amid palpable tension, five men find themselves unable to express their emotions and vulnerability.

Bruce Chiefare • Influences  Duo (25 min)

For his first creation, Bruce Chiefare has used hip hop culture's most valuable message as his inspiration: the possibility of incorporating multiple influences, adapting and making room for uniqueness. A duo in close contact with nature, paring down the gesture to reveal its intimacy.

Practical information

venue :

Grande Halle

date :

From Nov 26th to Dec 1st
Tues & Wed at 19h 
Sat at 18h 
Sun at 15h

duration :


Getting here

Porte de Pantin

Porte de Pantin

75, 151 : Porte de Pantin

Parking Sud" Cité de la Musique"
PRM call 01 40 03 75 75



Production credits

Visual Kalypso : Léa Latour © Willow Evans / Carmel Loanga © Raphaël Stora / Karim Khouader © DR / Bruce Chiefare © Den’s Saul •

With the Centre chorégraphique national de Créteil and the Val-de-Marne
Cie Käfig – Direction Mourad Merzouki + Logo festival Kalypso


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