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Gravity & Other Myths

Circus, For all Circus, For all, 2023|24 Season

Gravity & Other Myths

A simple space

For all from 5 years

from to

Espace Chapiteaux

starting from €10

duration: 1h

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With A Simple Space, Australian company Gravity & Other Myths touches on the quintessence of acrobatics. A breathtaking show where the public is up close and personal with the moving artists.

This simple space, imagined by the Gravity & Other Myths company, is created on stage by two columns of white light. No sophisticated setting or superfluous effects but rather, the clearness of a bare stage where seven acrobats push back the limits of gravity, guided by the beats of a drummer. The performance is made even more spectacular by the acts of bravado that, one after the other, bring into play not only the physical capabilities of the acrobats but also their friendship, their trust in each other, their solidarity. With a lot of humor and an impressive sense of staging, A Simple Space embodies both the quintessence and the renewal of acrobatics. Each breath, each sound, gaze and movement weave a vibrant and knowing bond between artists and spectators. Created ten years ago, A Simple Space has since toured the world with undeniable success.

Practical information

Du 12 au 31 décembre 2023
Du mar au ven 20h
Sam 18h
Dim 16h


From 5 years

Getting here

Porte de la Villette

Porte de la Villette - Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

139, 150, 152 : Porte de la Villette


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Production credits

Gravity & Other Myths is supported as an association by Arts South Australia.

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