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Philippe Decouflé

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Philippe Decouflé


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Espace Chapiteaux

starting from €12

duration: 1h20

  • October 2023
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|2022 Creation

Philippe Decouflé injects Stéréo with rock energy for a new frenzied creation. Guitar, bass, drums: an electric discharge going through the bodies of seven young performers.

It’s a hybrid form between a concert and a show that choreographer Philippe Decouflé imagined with Stéréo. In the back of the stage, a rock trio - guitar, bass and drums - unfolds a dream setlist that brings together the Beatles, T. Rex, the Beach Boys and a lovely bunch of original compositions. In the front, won over by this forever young energy, the seven dancers deploy treasures of creativity to keep up with the pace throughout a composition equally inspired by punk, cinema and circus. Supported by a dream team (notably spectacular costume design) and staying true to his generous and kaleidoscopic style, Philippe Decouflé multiplies visual and playful findings. It is an entire collective imagination that is here revisited and re-vitalized with joyful spirit. A perfect physical translation of music, with pleasure as its sole guide.

Practical information

From 4 to 22 October 2023
Wed to Fri 8pm
Sat 6pm
Sun 4pm

Estimated duration 1h20

Getting here

Porte de Villette

Porte de la Villette - Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

139, 150, 152 : Porte de la Villette


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Production credits

Delegated production Compagnie DCA/Philippe Decouflé
Coproduction Festival Montpellier Danse 2022 ; Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse ; La Villette (Paris) ; Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg ; Château-Liberté, scène nationale de Toulon ; Théâtre Sénart, Scène nationale ; Théâtre Gymnase Bernardines, Marseille ; Maison de la Culture d'Amiens - Pôle européen de création et de production; MA scène nationale - Pays de Montbéliard; Créteil - Maison des Arts; La Comète, Scène nationale de Châlons-en-Champagne Stéréo was supported by the Région Île-de-France.
Acknowledgements Flavien Bernezet, Aurélia Petit, Alice Roland, Olivier Simola, François Blaizot Compagnie DCA is an independent company subsidised by the Ministère de la Culture (DRAC Île-de-France), the Région Île-de-France, the Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis and the City of Saint-Denis, where it is based. It is also supported by the Caisse des Dépôts.

Director / choreographer Philippe Decouflé Choreographic assistant Alexandra Naudet Performers Violette Wanty, Aurélien Oudot, Eléa Ha Minh Tay, Vladimir Duparc, Baptiste Allaert, Olivia Lindon, Pierre Boileau Sanchez Musicians Arthur Satàn (guitar), Louise Decouflé (bass), Romain Boutin (drums) With the exceptional participation of David Ghetto Lighting and stage management Begoña Garcia Navas Set design Jean Rabasse assisted by Aurélia Michelin Costume design Philippe Guillotel assisted by Charlotte Coffinet, Catherine Coustère, Jean Malo Styling Sabine Siegwalt Lighting Grégory Vanheulle, Chloé Bouju Stage Manager Léon Bony Stage and Costume Manager Anatole Badiali Sound Manager Pascal Mondaz Set Construction Atelier Devineau Props Guillaume Troublé Managing Director Franck Piquard Production Manager Julie Viala Production Assistants Lola Serre, Salomé Farge Press Relations Agence Plan Bey





from December 5th to 9th 2023

Grande Halle

starting from €8

duration: 1h15

Original work Metro line 5 Tramway line 3b
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In the framework of Festival d'Automne 2023 - Portrait Trajal Harrell

from December 14th to 16th 2023

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Public choice award Metro line 5 Tramway line 3b

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