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Trajal Harrell

Dance, Creation Dance, Creation, 2023|24 Season

Trajal Harrell

The Romeo

With Theatre Chaillot and in the framework of Festival d'Automne 2023

from to

Grande Halle

starting from €10

duration: 1h15

  • December 2023
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2023 Creation - Festival d'Avignon, Honors Courtyard

Collective resilience through dancing, such is Trajal Harrell’s beautiful program in Romeo. Inspired by the Shakespearian character and using his hybrid vocabulary, the choreographer embodies a utopia. A creation presented in the Honors Courtyard for the 77th edition of the Festival d’Avignon.

What if Romeo was a dance? It would get its name from the young lover imagined by Shakespeare that thought he could beat death. Just like him, this dance would be known all over the world, although no one would know when and where it was created. Its origins are rural and pastoral, and it is performed by several people together. It is the dance of those that, roughed up by life, have decided to throw caution to the wind. Born in tumult and tragedy, it bears witness to their collective resilience. It’s this spark of resistance, passed down from generation to generation, that sets Trajal Harrell’s new creation ablaze. With its vernacular inspired by voguing, the New York-based choreographer imagines this dance that can enliven people from all horizons when they leave their tragedies behind them.

Practical information

From Thursday 7 to Saturday 9 December 2023
Thursday & Friday at 8pm
Saturday at 7pm

Estimated duration 1h15

Getting here

Porte de Pantin

Porte de Pantin

75, 151 : Porte de Pantin

Production credits

Produced by Schauspielhaus Zürich with Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble Coproduction Festival d'Avignon, Holland Festival (Amsterdam), Singapore International Festival of Arts, Berliner Festspiele (Berlin), La Villette (Paris), Festival d'Automne à Paris, La Comédie de Genève, La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand Scène nationale, Tandem - Scène nationale (Douai), December Dance Concertgebouw and Cultuurcentrum Brugge (Bruges) With the support of Trajal Harrell Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble Fan Club Performances in partnership with France Médias Monde With the support of Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels

Director, choreography, set design, costumes Trajal Harrell With New Kyd, Frances Chiaverini, Vânia Doutel Vaz, Maria Ferreira Silva, Rob Fordeyn, Challenge Gumbodete, Trajal Harrell, Thibault Lac, Christopher Matthews, Nasheeka Nedsreal, Perle Palombe, Norel Amestoy Penck, Stephen Thompson, Songhay Toldon, Ondrej Vidlar Scenography Nadja Sofie Eller Soundtrack Trajal Harrell, Asma Maroof Complementary original music Felix Casaer Lighting Stéfane Perraud Dramaturgy Katinka Deecke, Miriam Ibrahim Rehearsals Ondrej Vidlar, Vânia Doutel Vaz, Maria Ferreira Silva, Stephen Thompson





from December 5th to 9th 2023

Grande Halle

starting from €8

duration: 1h15

Original work Metro line 5 Tramway line 3b
Trajal Harrell  Maggie the...


Trajal Harrell Maggie the Cat

In the framework of Festival d'Automne 2023 - Portrait Trajal Harrell

from December 14th to 16th 2023

Grande Halle

starting from €10

duration: 50 min

Public choice award Metro line 5 Tramway line 3b

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