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Villette Sonique

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Villette Sonique

15th edition


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For over ten years, Villette Sonique has announced the arrival of spring. The season that is slow to blossom, that matures a bit too early, the rainy one like the impetuous one, no doubt summer isn’t far away. But what’s made Villette Sonique the place to be for the international and Parisian underground scenes is its selection process’s criteria: specialized yet popular. A veritable space-time rift.

Once again, Villette Sonique lays out a calendar and its commitment to place front and center marginal artists, to retrace the musical connections between artists and stylistic trends. The entire grounds of La Villette will echo the sounds of the festival like none other.

Wednesday May 20th • 7:30pm |Grande Halle


Settled in London after having brushed shoulders with the underground scene of Melbourne and Berlin, Carla Dal Forno continues experimenting on sound by taking on new influences. With the launch of her second album Look Up Sharp, last October, the Australian invites ambient and trip-hop to better illuminate her bleak and minimalist coldwave vibe.

THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN play Darklands

In the early 1980s, the Reid brothers took up the challenge of writing songs blending the harmonies of the Shangri-Las with the noise of the group Einstürzende Neubauten. The result for these Scots was a combination of pop melodies and sonic blasts like no other. This cult formation will highlight this once again by playing their second album Darklands in its entirety.

Thursday May 21st • 7:30pm | Trabendo


Isaac deBroux-Slone and Raina Bock are two childhood friends from Wisconsin who never stopped tinkering around with records in their garage. Turned teens, they created the band Disq, recorded a first power pop LP and started playing a series of live concerts and even opened shows for the likes of Twin Peaks and Whitney. Their debut album Collector is due to be released in March.


Members of the Partisan Records label alongside Fontaines D.C. and Idles, the quintet from Montreal finally decided to unveil a first album in spring 2019. Recorded two years before, in just two nights and with just a few touch-ups, No.1 pitches out a concentrate of New York rock, making these Quebecois the worthy successors of Parquet Courts.


After years spent in multiplying experimental productions, Yves Tumor finally turned to pop with the latest album released by Warp in 2018. This American, whose personality is as fascinating as it is elusive, now performs on stage with a group of musicians and churns out surreal performances, blending 1970s glam-rock with New York’s ‘ball culture’.

Friday May 22nd • 7:30pm | Cabaret Sauvage


Borne by the electrifying presence of the singer Nina Ljeti, the Los Angeles quartet quickly became the new sensation of the local DIY scene. After working hand in hand with the producer Justin Raisen (Angel Olsen, Yves Tumor) on its debut album, Kills Birds released “Worthy Girl”, a hot-headed single born of grunge, which didn’t fail to spark the interest of Kim Gordon in person.


Irish poetess and musician settled in London, Sinead O’Brien has forged herself a strong stage reputation with her intense and transcendental performances, where the spoken word comes together with the raw energy of post-punk. Her single “Taking On Time” was released by the Speedy Wunderground label in 2019, enough to ensure her a special place within British new guard.


After having multiplied artistic projects and other multi-genre collaborations in the past years, Kim Gordon, the mythical bass guitarist and singer from Sonic Youth, has now gone solo. The American is back on stage to present her debut album released in her name in autumn 2019, No Home Record, the result of her endless experimentation into sound.

Friday May 22 • 9pm | Grande Halle> CARTE BLANCHE TO STEPHEN O'MALLEY "SUNN O)))"


An amateur in experimentation and improvisation, the musician and visual artist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe has constantly proven his talent by multiplying projects of all genres. After redefining math rock in the mid nineties with 90 Day Men and taking part in live performances of the famous mystic metal group Om, he turned solo to create intense music, blending voice and modular synths.


Multi-instrumentalist and singer of the experimental group Múm, Kristín Anna from Iceland has made her fragile voice a trademark that distinguishes her when singing solo during magnificent performances. Carried by strings, piano and electronic explorations, her timbre gives life to melancholic and dreamlike ballads, where poetry and music intertwine to give way to intense emotion.

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