Stéphanie Aflalo

Theatre, 100% Festival Theatre, 100% Festival, 2022|23 season

Stéphanie Aflalo

Récréations philosophiques (Philosophical Recess)

|100% Festival

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Grande Halle

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  • April 2023
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An actor, writer, director and musician, Stéphanie Aflalo examines the dead-ends of discursive language by intertwining theatrical play and philosophical topics. The philosophical recess takes the shape of a module somewhere between conference and laboratory to put thought into practice, humorously taken to a thrilling breaking point. 

APRIL 12 & 13  

Jusqu’à présent, personne n’a ouvert mon crâne pour voir s’il y avait un cerveau dedans (Until now, nobody had tried to open my skull to see if there was a brain in there) 

Anti-philosophical gymnastics.  

On set, Stéphanie splits into two: one is on stage, the other on a TV screen. Drowning under a flow of instructions and questions, the latter invites the first to give her opinion on a jumble of topics : the meaning of life, the meaning of the saying “With Carrefour, I think positive”, the meaning of Beethoven’s music. One gets lost while the other gets revolted and delights us with her antics at the back of the old TV set.

APRIL 14 & 15  

L’Amour de l’art (Love of art) • Création 2022 

By-the-book sabotage of art discourse. 

During a conference on culturally non-registered paintings, two self-proclaimed artists attempt to conquer mute images by inferring discourse in each painting, refusing - at the risk of ridicule - the chic and sincere silence in which one is expected to appreciate the greatness of artworks.  

Practical information

from 12 to 15 April 2023
Wed to fri 7pm
Sat 6pm


Getting here

Porte de Pantin

Porte de Pantin

75, 151 : Porte de Pantin


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Production credits


Jusqu’à présent personne… Production les divins Animaux Production déléguée Latitudes Prod. - Lille Partenaires Festival ZOA, Paris, Le Point Ephémère, Paris, La Brèche festival, Espace Malraux, Scène nationale de Chambéry, Festival Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille, Le phénix, Scène Nationale de Valenciennes

L’amour de l’Art Coproduction Studio-Théâtre de Vitry Soutien Département du Val-de-Marne Partenaires Festival ZOA et Espace Malraux de Chambéry


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