Enfant au jardin des vents et des dunes du parc de La Villette
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Visit La Villette as a family

Visit La Villette as a family

Whatever the weather, La Villette has activities to suit all ages.

In rainy weather

Villette workshops

La Villette runs a range of seasonal workshops on themes connected with nature, culture and architecture. Workshops are for all age groups from 3 years and over. Learn while taking part in different activities, including kneading, playing, building, weaving, cooking, dancing and calligraphy.

See the Villette workshop programme

Workshops generally last between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours and take place in the morning or afternoon.

Family-friendly performances

The programme has performances for spectators of all ages. There is something for everyone: circus, street arts, theatre, world cultures, street culture, dance, installations and festivals.

See La Villette’s programme

Matinee and evening performances

Get the villette card

To make the most of your family outings, get the villette card
2 tickets to cirque plume + 1 parent/child circus workshop + 1 garden insect workshop = €70 (instead of €93). Save €23.

In sunny weather

Outdoor events

Enjoy outdoor music with the Scènes d’été and Villette Sonique, cook or garden in the seasonal gardens, take part in hip-hop dance workshops and try your skills at parkour, skateboarding or graffiti art at the Villette Street Festival… Older visitors will love the Cinéma en Plein Air outdoor film festival.

Events last an average of two hours and take place in the morning or evening.

Outdoor games all year long

The wind and dune garden, a specially designed play area for kids between 0 and 13 years of age, also has sun loungers for parents. Fun for the whole family!
Entrance free of charge. Opening hours change depending on the season.
The acrobatic garden features games and apparatuses for all budding acrobats.
Entrance free of charge. Open daily to children between 2 and 12.
Other features include a stunning merry-go-round with a fire engine, carriages and giraffes.

The park and its unique gardens

Take a walk through our 12 thematic gardens, enjoy running through the meadows, picnic under the trees and take a nap on a shady patch of grass.

The seasonal gardens

Take some time out in these environmentally friendly vegetable gardens. Relax under the pergola or plant your own garden by taking part in visits, workshops and tasting sessions.

Free one-hour tours at 5 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday from May to September

On foot, on horseback, by car… and by boat!

What would you say to a trip down the Canal de l’Ourcq ? This unique journey through Paris’s canals takes you all the way to the Port de l’Arsenal at Bastille.

La villette is also

The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie
Explore everything science has to offer

The Géode
A 360° experience thanks to the giant hemispherical screen

The Philharmonie
Get your children listening to music

The Théâtre Paris-Villette 
Creative performances and workshops from two years and over

The Centre équestre
For budding horse riders

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International cultural platform adapted to local demands

A Micro-Folie at your place?


A Micro-Folie at your place?

Easy to develop, La Villette helps you through the entire process.

Opening hours and entrances


Opening hours and entrances

All the info you need to come to La Villette

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